The Gym

A good gym won't be be filled with rows of treadmills and obscure weight machines covered in dust. Instead it will be filled with functional equipment and expert coaches focused on results. That's what we do at First Phase Factory.

Our Coaches have had a number of years working with professional sporting organisation across the A-League, AFL and NRL, and know how to get the most athletic development possible for you or your child.

Check out our range of small group sessions available below. Numbers are capped as we need to be able to give you the individual attention you deserve.

If you want more information or to talk about a custom package of training please give us a call!


Strength + Conditioning

Mastering the fundamentals of safe lifting technique are the key to a youth strength and conditioning program.  Over 8 weeks we will safely progress through the most important exercises to help improve strength, Injury resistance and increased power and performance on the field.

Because we will be progressing weekly you need to commit to the 8 weeks block.  Package our Strength and Conditioning with an 8 week block of recover + prime and speed + agility to receive a 10% discount!


Speed + Agility

Sunday 1pm

Being fast and agile is all about building up strong consistent movement patterns. Our speed and agility sessions help to improve your technique and explosive change of direction. We use our world class goal station technology to simulate the randomness of the football field.



Recover + Prime

As a young athlete you do a lot of training! We want to make sure you are feeling fresh and recovered for your games on the weekend. Over 45 minutes we will focus on advanced flexibility, mobility and recovery strategies which will freshen you up and also reduce the chances of injury!

The last part of the session involves short sharp explosive movements that are decision to prime the central nervous system and wake the body for competition without fatiguing!

Sign up to an 8 week block below and recieve a FREE foam roller!

Adult Group Fitness Classes


We've partnered with Summit Performance to deliver industry leading Men's and Women's group fitness classes. Our classes are designed to get you in and out of the gym in 45 minutes - no need to spend and hour walking on the treadmill or wandering aimlessly around the gym floor. We plan everything, all you have to do is turn up.  But more then the workout itself, it's the environment of other men and women motivating and inspiring each other to succeed that builds the accountability and results!