Partnership Opportunity

We are delighted to open an opportunity for local businesses, clubs and organisations to gain exposure by partnering with us. With 100’s of people coming through our doors every week and a massive social media presence, this is the perfect opportunity for your logo to be displayed prominently in our training facility and captured on camera behind some of the biggest names in Australian Football.


Velcro Sponsor Banner

Display your logo prominently on the walls of our Goal Station.

Prices: Inside Goal Station

  • 1 Banner: $1000

  • 2 Banners: $1800

  • 3 Banners: $2500

Prices: Outside Goal Station

  • 1 Banner: $500

  • 2 Banners: $950

  • 3 Banners: $1400

Sponsor Stickers on Wall of Goal Station

Have your logo displayed on the wall of our highly popular Goal Station.


  • 1 Sticker: $250

  • 2 Stickers: $475

  • 3 Stickers $700

  • 5 Stickers $1000

As well as having your logo displayed on our walls and in the background of our videos we will promote your business on our website and across our different social media platforms giving you exposure to your local market.

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