Players need to be technically competent to compete at the highest levels. Unfortunately, although the number of team sessions per week has increased for players the focus of these sessions isn't on improving the individual but rather the team. Players these days are lacking the four main skills associated with technique which is how to pass the ball correctly, how to receive the ball effectively, how to strike the ball with power and accuracy and how to dribble to beat defenders or create space. This is where we can help you. We focus on the details associated with each technique and through mass repetition can accelerate the development of these key skills.

We are fortunate to use the most advanced training technology in the country and have worked with players from the grassroots level through to the A League, W League and even players currently playing professionally in Europe. We focus on developing technically efficient players in both general and position specific activities that give players triple the amount of touches on the ball than any other session. The consistent nature of the training also has a high conditioning element which helps players feel sharper and fitter in games.