Staff Availability Form

Please use the form to notify us of your coaching availability for each week. Just select the week in the "Week Commencing" option and fill out the times you are available for that day of the week. This will help us plan the week better and allow us to allocate coaching sessions for you. 

In this environment you must understand that players can book sessions a day before or on the day, we always try our best to give you as much notice as we possibly can. So we ask you if you say you are available in the form please try and be available through out the week. If the following occurs please tell us as soon as you know

  1. If your availability changes and no longer available for that time or day, email advising that you are unavailable.
  2. If you have been allocated coaching sessions and you cannot do them, please contact one of the other coaches  and try to swap first. If you are unable to swap then IMMEDIATELY advise us  that you are unable to do the session.

We are trying our best to allocate you larger blocks of coaching sessions as we do value your time and want to reward you with longer sessions.

We ask you to work with us as we are a small team and when someone doesn't turn up or  cancels their session last min it puts enormous pressure on the other coaches to cover and in some cases we have to cancel the players booking. As the off season gets closer we will be getting busier and if this is something you want to do more often and get more sessions, just put your hand up and we will help you out as much as we can.

If you have any questions please contact Stephen or Ali

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